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Cole Shimek

Living in Wisconsin, the weather was always on my mind. I have enjoyed seeing how the patterns change as the four seasonís progress. I have always been fascinated by storms, whether it be a thunderstorm or a snowstorm. Growing up in Manitowoc, I always anticipated how the lake would affect the weather. This further encouraged me to look into what causes this and how to better understand it. In May 2018, I will be receiving my B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Following graduation, I am hoping to pursue a career in operational meteorology either in broadcasting or in the private sector. I joined Innovative Weather as an intern in the spring of 2016. I started first by learning about the programming side of the company and am now moving toward a more operational standpoint. In addition to meteorology, I also enjoy model trains, traveling, and attending music concerts.

Austin Scheib

Having a lifelong passion for weather and teaching, Austin Scheib has recently moved into his new role as Director of Training/Professional Development in the Winter of 2019. His interest in weather started at a young age, by watching thunderstorms roll into the Sheboygan area while his aunt would babysit him. His passion for weather would continue to grow over the years through the wide plethora of weather the Sheboygan area experiences. In 2014, he got an opportunity to do a independent research project on the Super Outbreak of 2011 and presented his findings to a group of his peers. While earning his BS in Atmospheric Sciences at UW-Milwaukee, he joined the IW team as an intern in May of 2017, becoming an Operational Meteorologist by late August of that year. After graduation in spring 2018 he transitioned to his new role with Innovative Weather as the Assistant Director of Operations which he served as for two years before taking the opportunity to step in as the Director of Training/Professional Development. Austin is currently going back to school to obtain his teaching license and eventually a Masterís degree in Education and hopes to teach science related courses and meteorology at the middle school and high school level. Austinís interests outside of weather include football and basketball, as well as coaching sports teams in his free time.

Ilijana Mastilovic

I am Ilijana Mastilovic and I am originally from Serbia, I grew up in a small city at the Adriatic coast, Tivat, Boka Bay, Montenegro. As a child I was fascinated by thunderstorms, passing by over the bay. I have always been interested in a weather science.

I graduated from University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia with Bachelor and Master`s degree in Meteorology Science. After graduation I worked as an Aviation Weather Forecaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost 3 years. I am very thankful for this experience that allowed me to perceive the complexity of Meteorology and realize that I would like to take my education to the next level. My time as an undergraduate student opened my eyes to the excitement of science. I had a chance to do some original research on my Master studies. It inspired and encouraged me to pursue my education to the PhD level. I enjoy my academic work as well as operational work. I am very grateful to have a chance to be part of Innovative Weather. It is a great opportunity to learn more about operational forecasting and improve forecasting skills! In my spare time I enjoy traveling, learning about new places, playing flute and listen music, hiking and spending time in nature!

Alex Moxon

Alex graduated from J.I. Case High School in Racine, WI in 2016 and is completing his Bachelorís degree in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Entering UW-Milwaukee with an interest in broadcast meteorology, Alexís experience at UWM has broadened his interests to general operational meteorology as well as research aspects of meteorology. Alex has worked as a meteorologist at Innovative Weather since July 2018 and has been researching storm chaser behavior with Dr. Paul Roebber since January 2019. Alex has also served as the President of the Atmospheric Science Club at UW-Milwaukee. Alex plans to graduate with a BS in Atmospheric Science in December 2020 with plans to pursue a Masterís degree in Atmospheric Science thereafter.

Sara Bemis

My name is Sara Bemis and I am currently a senior in Atmospheric Science at UW-Milwaukee. I am originally from the Sheboygan County area and storms have always fascinated me. Whenever a storm rolls through, you can count on me running outside to get some great sky pictures! I grew up working at my parents greenhouse business and I have always enjoyed nature. Science has always been one of my favorite subjects, but unlike most, I was unsure about what I wanted to major in right away. I finally took an Intro to Meteorology course during my sophomore year in college and decided that if I enjoyed the subject and did well in the class, I would pursue meteorology. In the end, I got an A in the class and really enjoyed it! Little did I know, I was dooming myself to many future semesters filled with calculus, physics, chemistry, and computer programming. Now I'm on the homestretch to achieving my Bachelors degree, and in my free time I enjoy listening to music, spending time with family and friends, making arts and crafts, traveling, and storm chasing.

Hannah Lisney

When I was young anytime I got upset about something, my grandpa would take me outside to look at the clouds so that I would calm down. We would lie there and try to make shapes out of them, and it was always able to calm me down. He would also take me out into the garage to watch storms when they came, and I remember always thinking they were so interesting. When I got to be a little older in my teenage years, I remember always watching those storm chasing shows on the weather channel. Those shows are what got me into the weather. I would always dream about being able to go on storm chases and see tornadoes. Once I graduated high school and had to think about what I wanted to do for a career I knew without much thought that I wanted to do something involving the weather. I will be graduating with my B.S in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May 2020. After graduation I hope to either continue on to get my Masterís degree or pursue a career in a meteorological position. My interests outside of the weather include music, sports, and spending time with good friends.

James Ryan

Fun fact! I've never seen a tornado, and I would be perfectly happy if I went my whole life without seeing one. My name's James Ryan, and I'm a graduate student working on my MS in Atmospheric Science here at UWM. I grew up in New Jersey, so while I've been used to all four seasons, the winters are rougher in the Midwest. I went to Valparaiso University in a town by the same name in Indiana for undergrad, and have been glad to continue learning in Milwaukee! My interest in meteorology grew when I learned about hurricanes, as well as climate change, and how many people we can help with good forecasts, communication, and preparation. Of course, hurricanes shouldn't be happening in Wisconsin anytime soon, but between lake-effect snow, brutal cold, and a lot more severe weather than we have out east, there's plenty of interesting weather to study and learn about here. Outside of meteorology, I really like singing, acting, seeing friends, and making people laugh. If you took the time to read this, have a great day!

Anna Kaminski

I grew up in the small town of Kansasville, WI with my 3 sisters and 2 brothers before moving the 45 minutes north to Milwaukee to study atmospheric science at UWM. I have always loved math and science while in middle school and even took a meteorology class in high school. This was likely the start of my passion for weather and I decided that I wanted to make a career out of it. In May of 2021, I will be graduating with a B.S. degree in atmospheric science and I hope to continue my education further by pursuing a masterís degree in atmospheric science as well. When I am not busy doing research or studying, I enjoy spending time with my family and going to country concerts with my friends.

Ashley Schils

Hello! My name is Ashley Schils and I am a senior undergraduate working towards by bachelorís degree at UWM. I am from Wisconsin, but I spent much of my childhood in California before moving back to the Midwest in 2009. I have been interested in the weather since I was about 5 years old, as I spent much of my time watching the Weather Channel and making homemade weather instruments to use in my backyard. California doesn't really have the rapid weather changing conditions like we see in the Midwest, but I had always hoped to get thunderstorms since they have always been my favorite. I even would keep a journal which I would record when we got them and how awesome I thought they were. I am very grateful to be back in WI and working for Innovative Weather, as it has allowed me to learn new things everyday as well as getting the forecasting experience that is essential and rewarding.

Giorgio Sarro

Hi, my name is Giorgio Sarro, and I am currently a Senior here at UWM. Like many of my peers at Innovative Weather, my passion for science and meteorology started at a young age. During my childhood, I spent my time observing cloud formations or admiring the structures of snowflakes from the scenic ridges of the islands of Sicily to the slopes of the Alps. I was lucky to live in Italy, Germany, France and now the US, experiencing different climates and cultures. When I first moved to Milwaukee, my only objective was: I want to become a meteorologist!. Innovative Weather has been one of the most important experiences during my studies, as it gave me the opportunity to be a meteorologist while still earning my degree. Additionally, through this experience I learned how much work is still needed to improve our current understanding of the atmosphere, motivating me to go further than my bachelor. In the next few years I plan in obtaining a PhD, and later become a research scientist or a professor. Innovative Weather will always have a special place in my formation as a professional of the atmosphere.

Austin Heun

Born in Massachusetts but I was raised mainly in southeast Wisconsin in Port Washington. As a kid I always loved watching the Weather Channel for the local on the 8s along with watching weather forecasts from local news stations to see if I could wear short sleeves for recess at school. My desire to know more about weather grew from a plethora of fear of severe weather experiences. Now, I find severe weather awesome and fascinating, and even enjoy storm chasing when I get the chance. I started college at Milwaukee School of Engineering to study mechanical engineering which helped me realize that I all I wanted was to study Atmospheric Science, so I transferred to UW-Milwaukee. I joined Innovative Weather the Summer/Fall of 2019. Along with meteorology, I also enjoy playing sports such as volleyball and ultimate frisbee; and watching football and basketball.

Brandon Selbig

Hello everyone! I am a current undergraduate student here at UW-Milwaukee as I add an Atmospheric Sciences major to my Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Geology from Minnesota State University-Moorhead. I grew up in a small, two red light town, in western NY state called Wayland and thatís where my love for all the natural sciences and how they interact and work off one another began. My interests began in different Earth Sciences such as Tsunamis, Volcanoes and Earthquakes and later grew as I got over my childhood fears of severe weather. Binge-watching late-night shows on the weather channel of natural disasters always had me asking questions and wanting to know why and how and as I grew and matured, I explored those questions. After the Super Outbreak from 2011, my junior year in high school, I grew an obsession for severe weather and figuring out all the factors that could create such a force of nature. My goals upon graduating from UWM in a year, I would love to explore and do research on how volcanic eruptions not only affect the atmospheric conditions around them regionally but also globally. Outside of school and work I am very active as Iím an ex-collegiate XC and Track runner and still train every day. You can usually find me with my dog Nala as we explore much of the country hiking, running and seeing all we can in nature! But you can also find me at home reading a book on science or history, watching a Joe Rogan Podcast, cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers or probably most likely watching Avengers Endgame for the thousandth time!

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