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Bart Adrian

I love being involved at Innovative Weather! Here I’m doing training support for our students, working a couple of forecast shifts each week, and offering outreach programs for schools and other community groups… Weather and history have fascinated me since my boyhood in the Chicago area. I majored in engineering applied mathematics at Northwestern University, and then came to Wisconsin where I completed my M.S. (1981) in meteorology at UW-Madison. I moved to Milwaukee in 1982 to work as an on-air meteorologist at WITI-TV (FOX 6). During my 28 years at FOX 6, I taught meteorology to UW-Milwaukee undergraduates, and to elementary school students in the UWM "College for Kids" program. I also worked on certification as a high school earth science and math teacher, and gave literally hundreds of educational science talks. In 2010 I began my exciting full-time teaching career here at UWM, where I’m currently a senior lecturer in atmospheric science and math, and serving as president of the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the American Meteorological Society.

Sara Bemis

My name is Sara Bemis, and I graduated from UWM last year with a Bachelors degree in atmospheric science - amidst the pandemic! I am originally from the Sheboygan County area, and storms have always fascinated me. I grew up working at my parents greenhouse business, so I also have a love for taking care of herbs, vegetables, succulents, and flowers. Science has always been one of my favorite subjects, so meteorology came naturally to me with my love of storms and the desire to learn about how and why different weather phenomena are possible. Whenever I get the opportunity to go on a storm chase, I am in complete awe of the atmospheric processes at work, as well as the beauty of it all. I am currently pursuing a career with the National Weather Service, while also exploring opportunities with private weather forecasting organizations. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, spending time with family and friends, disc golfing, and traveling.

Ashley Schils

Hello! My name is Ashley Schils and I am a senior undergraduate working towards by bachelor's degree at UWM. I am from Wisconsin, but I spent much of my childhood in California before moving back to the Midwest in 2009. I have been interested in the weather since I was about 5 years old, as I spent much of my time watching the Weather Channel and making homemade weather instruments to use in my backyard. California doesn't really have the rapid weather changing conditions like we see in the Midwest, but I had always hoped to get thunderstorms since they have always been my favorite. I even would keep a journal which I would record when we got them and how awesome I thought they were. I am very grateful to be back in WI and working for Innovative Weather, as it has allowed me to learn new things everyday as well as getting the forecasting experience that is essential and rewarding.

Austin Heun

Born in Massachusetts but I was raised mainly in southeast Wisconsin in Port Washington. As a kid I always loved watching the Weather Channel for the local on the 8s along with watching weather forecasts from local news stations to see if I could wear short sleeves for recess at school. My desire to know more about weather grew from a plethora of fear of severe weather experiences. Now, I find severe weather awesome and fascinating, and even enjoy storm chasing when I get the chance. I started college at Milwaukee School of Engineering to study mechanical engineering which helped me realize that I all I wanted was to study Atmospheric Science, so I transferred to UW-Milwaukee. I joined Innovative Weather the Summer/Fall of 2019. Along with meteorology, I also enjoy playing sports such as volleyball and ultimate frisbee; and watching football and basketball.

Gus Kaiser

I’m Gus Kaiser and I’m a recent graduate of the Atmospheric Science program here at UW-Milwaukee. I enjoyed my time here at UWM so much I decided to come back in the fall of 2021 to pursue a master’s degree in Atmospheric Science. While I call Milwaukee home now, I’m originally from the small town of Cambridge WI, just east of Madison. As a kid in a small town there was not much to do, so I learned to keep myself entertained by playing in nature. I believe my fondness for the outdoors is why I gravitated toward Atmospheric Science. In addition to my studies, I was able to follow my other love running while at UWM as a member of the cross country and track & field teams. I have been an avid runner since the 6th grade when my parents convinced me to join the middle school cross country team. When I’m not studying or running, I enjoy cycling, hiking, playing basketball and spending time with friends and family. One interesting fact about me is that my full name is August, but I was born in June.

Daniel Jablonski

Hey y’all, name is Daniel Jablonski, and I am from Green Bay Wisconsin. GO PACK! I was the kid who when asked about their favorite tv show I would respond the news, specifically the weather forecast. I always loved looking at what weather was coming up and I enjoyed seeing how things actually turned out. I was as scared as I was curious of severe weather, and I always wanted to know how meteorologists were able to predict it and keep their viewing area safe. I am a recently graduated student from UW-Milwaukee with my B.S. in Atmospheric Science. I am going to pursue my Professional Master’s Degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at UW-Madison. After graduate school, I hope to peruse a career in broadcast meteorology. Innovative weather has been an incredible source of applied learning in weather forecasting for me and I am excited to continue to grow more in my skills as a meteorologist. Outside of school, I like to swim, longboard, listen to or perform music, and spend time with friends and family. In high school I was a part of just about every musical performing group I could get in on and I earned Eagle Scout rank right before senior year ended. I competitively swam for what seems like most of my life and I was also a D1 swimmer here at UWM specialized in the 100 and 200 breaststroke as well as the 200IM.

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