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Alex Bukvich

Hi! I'm Alex Bukvich, an upperclassmen undergraduate who is still fairly new to Innovative Weather. I grew up in Brookfield, WI and, believe it or not, weather used to terrify me. I was so afraid of severe weather that, from the ages of 5 to 7, the word "tornado" had to be banned from our household! Even hear the word would send me into tears! Unsurprisingly, that fear subsided and I grew to be intrigued by severe weather. I certainly attribute my growing interest to my Dad, who is a weather junkie himself. Innovative Weather so far has been an unprecedented opportunity for me. Being a small program, there is an incredibly strong sense of community and improvement above all else. Innovative Weather undoubtedly is, and will be, a highlight of my education.

Cole Shimek

Living in Wisconsin, the weather was always on my mind. I have enjoyed seeing how the patterns change as the four seasonís progress. I have always been fascinated by storms, whether it be a thunderstorm or a snowstorm. Growing up in Manitowoc, I always anticipated how the lake would affect the weather. This further encouraged me to look into what causes this and how to better understand it. In May 2018, I will be receiving my B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Following graduation, I am hoping to pursue a career in operational meteorology either in broadcasting or in the private sector. I joined Innovative Weather as an intern in the spring of 2016. I started first by learning about the programming side of the company and am now moving toward a more operational standpoint. In addition to meteorology, I also enjoy model trains, traveling, and attending music concerts.

Chelsea Picha

I grew up in a small town in south-central Minnesota and have been interested in weather from a pretty young age. My mom still remembers me coming home from school one day in first grade and going on and on about the types of clouds Ė apparently that was the first time I had been so excited about something we learned in school. I particularly remember being fascinated by lightning and watching it during car rides, which eventually led to always watching the severe weather warnings along the bottom of the TV screen and the updates that cut into TV shows. I frequently chose weather-related topics for school projects, and somewhere along the line I decided I wanted to be a meteorologist. I graduated from St. Cloud State University in May of 2016 with a B.S. in meteorology and moved to Milwaukee at the end of that summer to begin pursuing my masterís at UWM, which I earned in 2018. Innovative Weather was a big factor in wanting to come here and I started interning at the end of January 2017. Iíve been enjoying my time here and learning a lot, and I hope to eventually work for the National Weather Service. Outside of weather I enjoy music, hanging out with friends and family, and cheering on the Twins and Vikings (sorry, Wisconsinites).

Tim Thielke

Originally from rural western Michigan, my passion for weather grew from my love of the outdoors. While out exploring, camping, fishing, and hunting with my dad I looked to the sky and asked myself why the weather was behaving the way it was. This curiosity brought me to Central Michigan University where I spent four years getting a degree in meteorology, while also building experience forecasting and more importantly finding the answers to my questions while also presenting new ones. Once I got my degree, I chose to continue and move to Milwaukee to get a masters in atmospheric sciences at UWM and join the crew here at Innovative Weather. After I graduate with my masters it is my hope to stick around and get my PhD to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. In my free time, I play basketball with my friends and explore the city, but I still find myself outdoors with my loved ones with my mind wandering somewhere in the clouds.

Austin Scheib

When I was a little kid, all I wanted to be was a meteorologist. My aunt is a large reason as to why I love weather. When I was 2 years old, she would come over to babysit and we would watch thunderstorms roll in during the summer. That started my interest in weather, and ever since then my passion for weather grew, whether it was watching a snowstorm, or severe weather outbreak, storm chasing, or experiencing that pesky lake breeze Sheboygan is well known for. In 2011, I was further pushed into weather by the Super Outbreak of 2011. Watching the meteorologists work and report on the situation made me realize that was what I wanted to do what they were doing. I started college at UW-Sheboygan for the first year and a half to get my general studies out of the way before I came at UW-Milwaukee to continue my studies in Atmospheric Science. I am set to graduate with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science in May of 2018. Upon graduation, I hope to pursue a career in broadcast meteorology or in the private sector. My interests outside of weather are in the sports world, whether its watching basketball or football or participating in pick-up games.

Ilijana Mastilovic

I am Ilijana Mastilovic and I am originally from Serbia, I grew up in a small city at the Adriatic coast, Tivat, Boka Bay, Montenegro. As a child I was fascinated by thunderstorms, passing by over the bay. I have always been interested in a weather science.

I graduated from University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia with Bachelor and Master`s degree in Meteorology Science. After graduation I worked as an Aviation Weather Forecaster in Bosnia and Herzegovina for almost 3 years. I am very thankful for this experience that allowed me to perceive the complexity of Meteorology and realize that I would like to take my education to the next level. My time as an undergraduate student opened my eyes to the excitement of science. I had a chance to do some original research on my Master studies. It inspired and encouraged me to pursue my education to the PhD level. I enjoy my academic work as well as operational work. I am very grateful to have a chance to be part of Innovative Weather. It is a great opportunity to learn more about operational forecasting and improve forecasting skills! In my spare time I enjoy traveling, learning about new places, playing flute and listen music, hiking and spending time in nature!

Jesse Schaffer

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Devon Bertnick

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Alex Moxon

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Sara Bemis

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Anna Kaminski

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