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Meghan Bitterlin

Hello! My name is Meghan and I am from a south suburb of Chicago. I am currently an upperclassman studying Atmospheric Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Weather has always been an interest on mine, but it wasn't until one particular storm that I knew that Meteorology was my calling. A series of strong storms blew through my hometown, producing severe weather and tornadoes. While everyone was retreating to the basement to seek shelter, I was begging my Mom to let me sit in the garage to watch. It was then that I realized that I wanted to know more behind the mechanics of weather. What had to happen in order for this weather to occur? My interest led me with confidence to UWM to explore the atmosphere. Innovative weather has allowed me to truly begin my understanding of real-life atmospheric concepts and I look forward to growing with the team. Besides studying and watching storms blow through Milwaukee, I enjoy spending time with my friends, travelling, and listening to music. One fun fact; I recently traveled to Mexico to study the effects of acid rain on archaeological sites!

Sierra Hansen

My name is Sierra Hansen and I'm currently a junior in UWM's atmospheric science program. I was raised in Madison, WI, but was actually born in Houston Texas, so I've gotten to experience many different weather phenomena throughout my lifetime. Originally planning on only minoring in atmospheric studies, UWM has opened my eyes to the possibilities that these studies can hold, and motivated me to not only pursue at Bachelor's but also a future career in meteorology. However, I still love to spend time with my other interests and hobbies, which includes fimmaking and editing, where I can really flex my creative muscles. Currently an intern at Innovative Weather, I've been working since November 2019 in order to become a part of the great experiences and people this program has to offer. For the future, I would love to continue my studies into atmospheric science with a master's degree, possibly focusing on research in mesoscale meteorology.

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